Pagination Options with Zylpha Online Bundling

Zylpha's online bundling software offers users a comprehensive solution for compiling, managing, and presenting legal bundles efficiently.

One of its key features is a tool that defines the pagination style, streamlining the process of numbering and arranging pages within the bundle. This ensures a logical order, facilitating easy navigation and referencing, which is crucial particularly when bundles are used in legal proceedings. By selecting the pagination style, users can maintain consistency and enhance communication when referring to the bundle contents.

Bundle Pagination Options

Users can choose from any of the following pagination styles when preparing their bundle:

None: This option involves no numbering or pagination, suitable for situations where pagination is unnecessary.

Alpha: Pages are numbered using alphabetical characters (e.g., A1, A2, A3), with each section starting with the next letter in the alphabet for clear organisation.

Numeric: Sequential numbering begins from the first page in the first section and continues to the last page in the last section, excluding the cover page and index.

Continuous: Pagination covers the entire bundle, including the cover page and index, providing a seamless sequence of page numbers from start to finish.

Accessing the Pagination Style Selector

Navigating to the pagination feature within Zylpha's intuitive interface is simple:

  1. Open the bundle and index:
    Click on the automatically generated Index for the bundle, opening the Index properties panel.
  2. Select a pagination style:
    Click between the pagination styling options to see examples of each. (The style selected is highlighted by a yellow border).
  3. Automatic application:
    Zylpha automatically applies the chosen pagination style to the bundle, ensuring a professionally presented document.
  4. Adjustments or removal:
    Pagination can easily be amended or removed at any stage of the bundle process prior to download.

Bundle pagination is essential for maintaining clarity and coherence. With Zylpha's seamless pagination options, users can streamline the bundling process and enhance document presentation, instilling confidence in their bundle's professionalism and organisation.

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