How does generating a bundle differ from downloading one?

Preparing a bundle using a document bundling platform such as Zylpha is similar to the manual process - it involves defining sections and assembling any necessary documents accordingly within those sections.

With Zylpha Bundling, generating the bundle requires the user to confirm that the files and sections are complete. The software will then compile the information following the defined layout.

Downloading a bundle is the retrieval of that information, which the software formats as a PDF. It can then be saved locally for the user to access offline to make any further edits or distribute as necessary.

Let’s look at each of these stages in more detail.

Preparing a Bundle

A document bundle typically consists of a cover page, an index, and a collection of files, often organised into multiple sections. The bundling process starts with the user selecting specific files and arranging them in a desired order. With Zylpha Bundling users can customise the cover page and include any additional legal or branding elements. The pagination style can also be defined or removed.

Editing options: For those users of Zylpha Bundling online who are on a free plan, editing at this stage must be done prior to uploading files or documents to the platform. However, users on a Solo subscription plan can edit individual documents at this stage before the bundle is generated.

Accessing active Bundles

Users can easily access the bundle grid view page with just one click from the navigation bar at the top of the screen. This is where all the user’s active bundles are referenced. Note: Free users of Zylpha Online Bundling will only have one active bundle at a time. Solo users can work on up to 40 bundles simultaneously though.

Generating a Bundle

Once satisfied with the format and structure, a single click from the user instructs Zylpha Bundling to add a hyperlinked index and compile the bundle into a PDF ready for download. Generating the bundle means it's stored within the Zylpha platform, ready for further editing or downloading.

Editing options: Free users of Zylpha Bundling online cannot edit uploaded files at this stage. However, those on a Solo subscription plan can. Free users can easily upgrade to Solo by going to their Account Settings and clicking the Upgrade option.

Accessing the Generate Bundle feature

From the bundle grid view page users need to open individual bundles where they’ll find a yellow “Generate Bundle” button located in the top right of the screen.

Downloading a Bundle

This involves retrieving the "generated bundle" from the document bundling platform and saving a copy locally for offline access or sharing. This step can only occur after the bundle has been generated.

Editing options: At this stage Solo users can edit their downloaded bundle using Zylpha’s free PDF editor tools which includes features such as redaction and annotation.

Accessing the Download Bundle feature

Note: A bundle needs to have been “generated” before it can be downloaded at which point the “download pdf” option is accessible in the following ways:

  • via the grid view page (by clicking on the 3 vertical dots next to each listed bundle), or
  • by opening the bundle and clicking the dropdown menu on the “Generate Bundle” button (located in the top right of the screen), or
  • from the bundle generation confirmation screen.

Editing options at each stage of the process

Before preparing the bundle, users need to ensure all files are gathered in a suitable format. For example, users of Zylpha’s free online bundling software can create single bundles using PDF and Word files. Those on a Solo subscription can build online bundles using multiple file types while working on up to 40 bundles simultaneously. Editing files within the bundle requires a Solo price plan. Solo users can also use Zylpha’s PDF editing tools to make amends and redact information within their bundles.

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