Free online court bundle software surpasses 1000 user licences

Zylpha's free online software is transforming entry-level document bundling

Since Zylpha launched the world’s first FREE online legal document bundling system, legal practices of all sizes have taken advantage of the software to create small court bundles completely free of charge. With its simple-to-use online interface, the system is designed to be accessible from any location, at any time. And now, with over 1000 free users, Zylpha sees the potential for a new best-practice emerging for individual users who can now create, review, amend and complete bundles on their laptop or MacBook whether at work or whilst working remotely.

Zylpha's document bundling software streamlines and simplifies the arrangement, formatting, and pagination of legal documents, making the process of producing court bundles fast and efficient. By reducing the bundling process from hours to just minutes, legal teams can save a considerable amount of time, freeing up valuable resources that can then be spent helping clients manage their cases.

Zylpha's extensive range of document bundling options also has connectors to most leading legal systems including iManage, Peppermint, Visualfiles, and LEAP, with more to be unveiled in 2023.  

David Chapman, Zylpha's Head of Marketing, notes that

“Court adoption of digital document bundles has increased significantly. This explains these extremely encouraging results and it does appear that there is now a growing expectation that entry-level bundle preparation should be free online. As market leaders, we felt obliged to fulfil that expectation and the initial demand speaks for itself. As such this is a new online best-practice that benefits both lawyers and their clients alike.”

If you're looking to streamline your legal practice, sign up for a free licence today and see how Zylpha's free online bundling software can transform the way you work.

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