Management guide: electronic signatures in legal practices

Back when we wrote our original Echosign integration, there were only a couple of eSignature providers in the market and at the time both were from very reputable companies who provided answers to all our questions and were very supportive from day one.

Fast forward to 2017 and there seems to be a new eSignature provider popping up every week, as well as existing companies moving into the eSignature marketplace too. With all of this competition it can make it very hard to cut through the sales and marketing speak and objectively decide on the best eSignature solution for you and your practice team.

That’s why with the help of some of our clients, and drawing on our own experiences as a seasoned electronic signatures user and developer, we have produced what we think is a very useful guide that covers everything we think you might want to consider when choosing an electronic signatures vendor.

The management guide includes key questions you will want to ask yourself and eSignature vendors, together with our background to the question to help provide some context, with an explanation as to why we think it is an important point to consider. To get your copy of the guide simply fill in the form below.

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