Zylpha announces 2022 ‘Legal Innovation Award’ winners

The annual award scheme recognises legal practices that have demonstrated innovative solutions and working practices over the previous 12 months.

There were 5 Legal Innovation Award categories:

1. Outstanding Achievement

This year the award winners were a firm that demonstrated a clear plan for innovation that was driven by their goal of delivering exceptional client care. We have been continually amazed by their commitment to delivering a top-tier service.

The winner of this year's Outstanding Achievement Award goes to:
Burstalls Solicitors

2. Commitment to Technology

This award was won by an organisation that wants its employees to have access to the best technology solutions available whilst providing a considered and well-thought-out plan for delivering these applications, so they achieve maximum value and longevity.

The winner of this year's Commitment to Technology Award goes to:
Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC)

3. Bundle of the Year 2022

As a business that prides itself on its market-leading electronic bundling platform, we wanted an awardthat celebrated the largest electronic bundle produced over the last 12 months.

The winner of this year's Bundle of the Year Award goes to:
Bluebird Support Services

4. Outstanding Individual Achievement

For an individual recognised by their employer for going above and beyond what is expected of them in the last 12months.

The winner of this year's Outstanding Individual Achievement Award goes to:
Katie Philpot - South London Legal Partnership

5. Most Innovative Law Firm of the Year 2022

This award was presented to a law firm that has gone above and beyond across all metrics despite difficult trading conditions caused by the pandemic.

The winner of this year's Most Innovative Law Firm of the Year Award goes to:
JWP Solicitors

Commenting on the 2022 Awards, Miranda Evans, Zylpha Marketing Manager had this to say;

“In 2020, when Coronavirus restrictions changed the way people worked, we noticed a lot of organisations challenging their somewhat traditional ways of thinking and working, opting for more process-efficient technology solutions. We therefore decided it was time to highlight the benefits of having a forward-thinking and innovative mindset, particularly when it comes to technology.
“Many of our products such as Zylpha Bundling are widely recognised as “best practice” solutions, and as such we felt we should recognise and honour the achievements of those who are leading the way. The awards show our appreciation for our clients' loyalty but also their dedication and ability to keep going during challenging times.
“We would of course like to be able to present the winners with their awards in person, but government guidelines, particularly in relation to the Omicron variant of Coronavirus, may mean this isn’t possible in all instances. We will however ensure that the awards are received safely by each of the worthy winners.”

Everyone at Zylpha would like to congratulate all of the winners at this year’s awards, as well as all of the finalists too.

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