Zylpha complies with new court bundle guidelines set by Justice Mann

Court Bundle Guidelines – What you need to know…

New guidance on producing digital court bundles was published in May 2020 by Justice Mann. In response, we’ve created a guide that covers everything you need to know about what’s detailed in the new requirements, and how Zylpha complies.

It’s important to note that Justice Mann’s guidance is not a Practice Direction, but has instead been issued to assist legal teams. Reference should therefore also be made to the Family Court Practice Direction PD27a, which details how an electronic bundle should be prepared and delivered.

For a full account of the new court bundle guidelines simply download our ‘Court Guidance – for creating electronic document bundles’ PDF.


The Court Bundle Guidelines published in May 2020 by Justice Mann refer to a set of guidelines aimed at improving the quality of court bundles in civil cases heard in the Business and Property Courts in England and Wales. (Justice Mann is a senior judge in the Business and Property Courts).

The guidelines were developed in response to the common problems experienced in court bundles, such as disorganisation, inconsistency, and inaccuracy. The aim of the guidelines is to ensure that court bundles are clear, concise, and well-organised, which in turn will save time and costs for parties, lawyers, and judges.

The Court Bundle Guidelines provide detailed instructions on how court bundles should be prepared and presented to the court, including the content and structure of the bundle, the pagination, the labeling, and the indexing. The guidelines also provide specific guidance on the use of electronic bundles and hyperlinks.

The guidelines emphasise the importance of collaboration and cooperation between the parties, and the need for early engagement with the court to ensure that the bundle is prepared in a timely and efficient manner. They also stress the importance of adhering to the guidelines to avoid adverse consequences, such as costs sanctions or delays in the proceedings.

Overall, the Court Bundle Guidelines published by Justice Mann aim to improve the quality and efficiency of the court process by providing clear and comprehensive guidance on the preparation and presentation of court bundles in cases heard in Courts in England and Wales.

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