Zylpha’s NEW Adobe Sign for iManage integration delivers seamlessly simple and secure eSignatures

Zylpha’s new Adobe Sign integration for iManage allows users to send single or multiple documents for eSignature, directly from within their iManage document management system.

Progress updates are provided back to the user in real-time, with signed documents automatically saved directly back into iManage. The seamlessly simple Adobe Sign system greatly reduces client response times from days to minutes and eliminates the risk of documents being lost in the post or mis-delivered.

Zylpha’s new Adobe Sign for iManage is a complete integration, which means that users are not redirected to a separate website – rather, they always remain working within iManage10. This means that the solution is able to provide far more flexibility around existing processes whilst maintaining document integrity. The integration works with both hosted and on-premise iManage solutions.

Of particular note is the system’s speed and simplicity. iManage10 users simply choose a document (or documents) within a workspace and with a single right-click select ‘send for signature’. This brings up a range of options such as the creation of ‘accompanying messages’ or ‘defining the levels of access and security’ before the documents are sent to the client. When the client has signed/completed the documentation, the files are then automatically filed back into the workspace in iManage. This is particularly useful for teams, whereby one person can send the file, but anyone can work on it when it is returned.

Getting started with Zylpha’s Adobe Sign for iManage integration is straightforward too, meaning that new users can be up-and-running in a timely and efficient manner. The system’s simple user friendly interface is easy for users to understand and enables them feel confident when using it.

Commenting on the launch Zylpha’s CEO Tim Long said;

“Our new Adobe Sign integration for iManage10 is just one way that Zylpha is committed to making lawyers’ lives easier through the smarter use of technology. No longer should clients be left waiting on the vagaries of the postal service, or solicitors be concerned as to whether documents have arrived. Our initial research suggests that demand from iManage users will be extremely healthy, so we look forward to making a real difference with these practices.”
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