Zylpha adopts Adobe EchoSign as eSignature solution

Zylpha, the UK’s leading legal systems innovator has adopted Adobe EchoSign, an e-signature solution, that will allow Zylpha customers to increase the efficiency of signing legal documentation.

Zylpha is also integrating Adobe EchoSign into LexisNexis’ Solcase and Visualfiles case management systems. The integrations are in response to a recent surge in demand for online verification, from both legal practices and local authority users

“The electronic evolution of the legal market is helping to drive the requirement for electronic signatures across businesses as a whole,”

said Jennifer Carr, Senior Director, Business Development and Partners, at Adobe.

“However, the greatest driver is the speed with which documents can now be turned around, cutting the time down from days to a matter of minutes—five times faster, according to many EchoSign customers. We are pleased that Zylpha has recognised the significant benefits that EchoSign will bring to its clients.”

Tim Long CEO of Zylpha added,

“From document preparation and sending, to signing, tracking and filing, EchoSign offers robust, easy-to-use online e-signature features that makes the process a lot more efficient. Sending contracts for signatures online is now as easy as sending an email. As our preferred solution, we are confident that EchoSign will be popular with our clients.”

Paul Hinchliffe, Managing Partner of Zylpha client Bott & Co said,

”Since the introduction of EchoSign in Zylpha’s system, we have seen a dramatic improvement in the turn around of documentation with our clients. Where it took days by post or hours by courier we can now get documents authorised in minutes. It’s so simple to use and implement, this is a must for any legal firm.”

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