Whitepaper: What is our fascination with paper?

Some five thousand years ago mankind started writing down his experiences. Initially early scribes used pictures. 

This evolved through Sandscript and eventually developed into a number of standard symbols representing objects and letters that make up our words.

Having chipped away at stone, they found that papyrus was a lot more mobile and eventually refined it into modern paper. They next learned how to get a machine to print rather than having to re-write copies of documents. Then everything stopped for four hundred years. Mankind’s obsession with paper had taken hold.

Jump forward to the present – the early days of a new millennium the “electronic reading tablet” was invented – Apple, Android, Kindle et al. So we don’t need to take books on holiday.

The next leap forward is not exactly gigantic – in fact it will not even register in history twenty years down the line. However it is significant now…. Why not use this simple technology at work and have our paperwork on a tablet rather than all over desks, window shelves and filing cabinets.

Ah – that’s a great idea, but how do we get all this paper inside the tablet?

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