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Expertise on Call

Finding Visualfiles and SolCase expertise is very difficult for practices today and is virtually impossible to train from scratch. Zylpha has built a team of specialists with over 50 years experience of customising and supporting Visualfiles and SolCase. Utilising this team we can provide your organisation with a customised SLA to suit you, where you have access to resources on call, or for a number of days committed resource per month, overcoming a number of potential issues, such as…

  • The recruitment of full time staff
  • Finding contract resource where the requirement is not full time
  • Accessing specific areas of expertise
  • Managing periods of specific pressure throughout the year

In effect you receive a service level agreement, which gives you access to some of the most experienced Visualfiles and SolCase consultants in the UK.


We can, subject to availability and demand, offer the Visualfiles and SolCase team’s specialised services at times when the practice is going through change and needs resource on an “on demand” basis. This could involve things such as…

  • Changes to the business structure
  • Migration from another system
  • Migration to a new version
  • Short term capacity issues

Our Visualfiles and SolCase consultants can help you through times of pressure, or where you just need an expert’s input.


Very few organisations today can afford to keep fulltime developers on the payroll. We act as an outsource development house specifically for Visualfiles and SolCase. So when enhancements are needed to your specific version, simply use Zylpha.

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