State of the legal practice market

2018 results

January 2018

Just over two years ago we completed our first ever in-depth survey of the UK legal market and published it as part of our Legal Landscape report. The results showed that we had a good understanding of the sectors needs and that we provided capable software and integrations delivered with great client care.

This is the latest iteration of that survey, which was sent December 2017 with respondees being asked to complete as honestly and truthfully as possible.

Looking forward…

We are interested to better understand where the industry thinks it is moving towards in relation to key topics.

Comparing to our 2015 survey, the biggest change in opinion was for improved security on improvements to their existing systems which has increased significantly – no doubt as a result of the increased presence of GDPR, and also the high profile exposure anticipated with a data breach.


Looking forward five years, do you think?

Innovation in providing legal services will be paramount to our success

    New technology is a key component to survival

      Significantly improved client care will maintain market share

        ABS’ will challenge how law firms deliver services

          Clients will choose a law firm based on brand reputation & trust

            A significant amount of business will be satisfied using DIY/online legal services


              What will improve your Case Management (and/or your Document Management) system over the next five years?

              Integration with other software

                Improved reporting

                  Integration with online services

                    Easier to use

                      Mobile/tablet applications

                        Client access

                          Improved security

                            Cloud based systems

                              Do you think ‘Brexit’ will affect your business in the next 12 months?

                              • Yes for the worse 20% 20%
                              • Yes for the better 5% 5%
                              • No 65% 65%
                              • Opted out of answering 10% 10%


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