Since last year, one of the repeated pieces of feedback we have received is about how to share the final bundle with other parties (in particular the Courts).

In some use cases, we’ve heard of perfectly produced Zylpha electronic bundles being broken down into multiple pieces and then emailed out.

We think this is a bad idea for many reasons including:

  1. it breaks the pagination in the bundle
  2. email is not that secure
  3. it creates unnecessary extra work for the person creating the bundle

Rest assured that this is a key strategic project that the team at Zylpha is working on, but it’s going to take time for us before we have an early access release for clients to use.

In the meantime, we recommend the use of Safedrop from ProjectFusion.

Safedrop is the secure file sharing platform we use when sending large files to clients. It’s in use by law firms and legal teams across the UK, and we love some of the great features (such as download receipts when the recipient has successfully downloaded the bundle).

As an existing technology partner of Zylpha, we’ve been able to agree to a two-week free trial for anyone interested. For more information head to Safedrop.

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