We are pleased to announce that the RapidRTA v5.4.0 integration is now available.

We apologise for the further delay in release.  This was due to issues encountered in our final testing this week.  One issue in particular is still with the Portal Helpdesk awaiting resolution, and this is detailed in the “Known Issues” section of our updated release notes which are now ready for download.  We are conscious of the tight deadlines imposed by the planned Portal go live of 29th November, so we are issuing as a beta version and will distribute a patch as soon as the outstanding issue is resolved.

Please note that this upgrade is mandatory and, if you wish to continue to use the Portal a2a integration seamlessly after go live of Release 5, you must upgrade RapidRTA.

This release package includes a new version of the RapidRTA executable program which will need to be installed on all relevant client machines over the weekend of the Portal Release 5 upgrade (as well as asap on any machines used for testing!).For users already on v5.2.3.0 of RapidRTA or using the Visualfiles Add-in version, this should be a relatively straightforward upgrade.  Non add-in or SolCase users on earlier or bespoke versions may need to “fill in the functionality gaps” from previous upgrades.

Release notes of earlier versions are available on request for reference from support@zylpha.com if required.For users of our ELPL product we plan to issue Release 5 compatible version v1.4.0.0 w/c 7th November.  The scope of Portal Release 5 changes for ELPL claims is significantly less than for RTA claims, so the changes required to ELPL applications will be relatively small compared to those for RTA.

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