November 2016 saw the launch of the latest release of the MOJ Portal for EL/PL and RTA Claims.

Last week (19th July 2016) we sent someone to the A2A developer workshop and the following is our understanding of the proposed changes.

At first glance, the changes don’t look too onerous, although they do apply to both RTA and ELPL, not just RTA as previously thought.

Most are relatively minor changes to schemas, with around half a dozen new fields A number of functions are affected, including:

There are a couple of new relatively simple functions:

There will also be minor changes to the CNF Forms to accommodate new fields.

Main feature of the release, is the Bulk Transfer Facility. This enables portal claims in progress to be transferred, either from Compensator to Compensator or from Claimant Rep to Claimant Rep. The transfer itself would be done by special arrangement with the Portal in an overnight batch run, so doesn’t involve Zylpha directly.

Zylpha’s involvement is in the notification both to Claimant Reps receiving a batch of claims transferred in and to Claimant Reps whose claims have been transferred to a new Compensator. Notification is handled by minor schema changes to the following functions:

At this stage, it is worth highlighting that any requirement from a client to deal with the actions of a batch of claims transferred to them (generating and populating new cases to carry the claims forward) will be firmly outside of scope of our release. Any client who is looking for support in this aspect of the release is advised to contact us directly to scope and price the bespoke project.

And the good news is the dates:

Final specs available mid-September
Test site available 17th October
Go Live 29th November

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