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Which UK Civil Courts accept eBundles?

A handy guide to which Civil Courts are open, staffed or suspended during Corona Virus, as well as whether they will accept electronic bundles.

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Lawyers are great problem solvers. They are great thinkers. They do highly stressful work that is nuanced and is based in ‘the grey’ rather than the black and white that most of us live in. Their reputation is gained and lost through the direct results of their successes and failures.

Thing is, if you ask any lawyer what their main headaches are, preparing bundles will be on the list, and we find that it’s the number one administrative problem affecting lawyers today. 

That’s why for over 12 years we’ve made it easy for all lawyers and legal professionals regardless of the type of work they do, or the size of the firm they work for, to be able to produce bundles in minutes. 

View HMCTS Courts and tribunals tracker list during coronavirus outbreak


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