Loqate is the simple way to check postcodes and add addresses to your Visualfiles matters

When it comes to creating a new client matter, every second counts. That’s why we developed our Loqate integration – to make manual data entry of addresses a thing of the past.

Creating the right first impression with your client can make all the difference when dealing with their matter, something as simple as an incorrectly typed address or postcode can make all the difference in the client’s mind as to whether you can be trusted.

Our Loqate integration searches against a daily updated list of addresses not just from the UK but across the world, benefiting not just your UK clients. This cost effective integration combines the expertise of Zylpha’s integrations team backed by the pedigree of Loqate’s market pioneering postcode product.

Our Loqate integration removes the chance of erroneous data in your case management system, protects the perception that your client has of your firm.


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