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Do you find building bundles a thankless task?

A poorly constructed and messy bundle will make you look unprofessional at best, and at worst will get you unwanted attention and comments from Judges, Magistrates, and the legal press. This kind of reputational damage is almost impossible to recover from.

Zylpha can help!

For over 10+ years we’ve been helping law firms to build stress free bundles.

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Build Court compliant bundles quickly and efficiently with the Zylpha bundling platform. Our cost effective software is used daily by lawyers, paralegals and other legal professionals from across the world.

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Holland Family Law:

Zylpha won through on ease of installation and ease use. Add to that, it’s extremely fast at creating and maintaining even quite complex bundles. All in all, it’s a very impressive piece of software that we simply couldn’t do without now.

Jordans Solicitors:

We absolutely love how quick, easy and simple Zylpha is to use. It can be used to create even the most complex, compliant bundles as required. It saves us so much time when it comes to creating new o rupdating existing bundles.

Maria Fogg Family Law:

We needed a cost-effective document bundling solution that worked well with our LEAP case management system and that was easy to install and use. Zylpha stood out as it has a proven LEAP Integration and it can deliver fully court compliant bundles in a fraction of the time it takes to produce them manually.

Manifold Solicitors:

By using Zylpha’s software, in conjunction withour LEAP case management system, the process that once took days now takes just a few minutes, and the bundle quality is great too. All in all, the transformation is amazing and it benefits both our staff whilst freeing up more time to spend with clients.

Battens Solicitors:

Zylpha’s electronic document bundling solution has met and exceeded our expectations. Because more and more of the documents we work with on a daily basis are being sent and received electronically, our staff need to have the right tools to work with them. The implementation of Zylpha’s software has boosted our internal efficiency dramatically and has enabled us to more rapidly respond to the needs of our clients and adapt to the changing demands of the UK court system.

Claire Davies Advocates:

Now that the Jersey family courts are dictating that firms use electronic bundling, complex legal document bundles can be produced in a fraction of the time it took previously with manual systems, in some cases saving days of work. Using Zylpha also includes all the set up and practices for producing bundles whilst working from home without disruption. This is all a major leap forward… and the courts themselves are highlighting to others that what we are doing with Zylpha is good practice!

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