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Electronic signatures for law firms and legal team

Automated secure and encrypted client document delivery direct from your existing systems for eSignature by Zylpha in partnership with Adobe Sign, the leading global secure digital signature solution from Adobe.

Clients receive documents within seconds for electronic signature with clear and simple instructions. Documents can be signed electronically on a computer, tablet or on the move via smartphone.

Depending on your existing system, users can take advantage of Zylpha’s and Adobe Sign integration to easily send documents out for eSignature. Standard scripting means hassle-free integration with your existing applications. Plus there’s built-in tracking of all events and actions, notifying users at key stages.

  • Secure document delivery for solicitors using electronic signatures.
  • Clients receive documents for eSignature with clear and simple instructions.
  • Documents can be signed on a computer, tablet device or on the move via smart phone.
  • Documents may include extra fields allowing additional data capture on signature, which are extracted and updated automatically to the originating case.
  • All parties get a PDF copy of the final signed agreement which can be automatically filed in your existing system.

Key Features

  • Send documents for your client to sign direct from within your SolCase, Visualfiles or iManage systems.
  • Prepopulate fields with data that you have from within your system, speeding up the process and impressing your client from the start.
  • Complete forms and sign them by computer, tablet or phone. No specialist software is needed to view the documents and forms can be started on one device and then completed on another.
  • Reduce timescales by compressing the amount of waiting for documents to arrive. Clients receive documents the day you send them, potentially saving weeks on returned documents.
  • Clients returning instruction forms and paperwork? Return documents into your case management system and parse data direct without the need to copy type manually. Less errors and faster.


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