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Clerksroom & Zylpha; The Perfect Partnership

Clerksroom is a national chambers of barristers and mediators providing advocacy, advice and mediation at all Courts and Tribunals in England and Wales.

Through Clerksroom’s strategic partnership with Zylpha, both barristers and solicitors using the software are able to automate the production of document and court bundles by incorporating documents and files stored within their electronic matter – a seamless integration that saves time and increases efficiency.

Clerksroom is a unique environment where great people work together to create a great culture and service.

Pricing. Simplified. 

No hidden fees, no additional charges. One pricing plan that makes it easy to build bundles based on your volume. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Making lawyers’ lives easier through the smarter use of technology.

Are there any extra fees outside of the unique bundle fee?


There are no additional fees. 

Am I restricted on who can use the software?


There are no limits on the number of staff who have access to the Zylpha bundling software. 


How quickly can I get started?

Depending on your internet connection you could be building your first Zylpha bundle within minutes. 

What happens if I need to update the bundle? Will I be charged again?

If an existing bundle is being updated (adding or removing files) then you will not incur a unique bundle charge.

How do I get charged?

On sign up you will complete an ACH Mandate. Fees are collected in arrears monthly. 

Will I be charged if I duplicate the bundle (save as)?

Clicking ‘Save as’ or duplicating an existing bundle will create a new unique bundle and will be chargeable.

Are software updates included?

Product updates are included with your subscription. Typically the product is updated every six months. 

Latest News & Updates

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Making lawyers' lives easier through the smarter use of technology.

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