Bluebird Support Services, has chosen Zylpha software for its outsourced eBundling service.

Alongside the company’s secretarial and administrative services, the demand for outsourced eBundling facilities has grown exponentially – as more practice staff work from home and as more courts accept electronic files. The Bluebird service is also ideal for busy practices or for those where a rapid turnaround is essential; and Zylpha was chosen as it is the UK’s recognised Market Leader for ‘Pay-As-You-Go’ bundling systems.

Zylpha’s digital eBundling software, contains everything that Bluebird needs to create the highest quality bundles for its clients. The system’s unique single-view digital approach streamlines and simplifies the arrangement and pagination of documents, saving a considerable amount of time and removing any complexity involved. Typically, Zylpha’s electronic bundling software delivers time savings of over 80% when compared to traditional manual bundling alternatives and eliminates costs such as stationery, photocopying, paper file-storage and courier charges.

Jayne Smith the MD of Bluebird Support Services sees eBundling as a high growth opportunity commenting, “With the current pandemic, demand for outsource eBundling has really taken off. For many legal practices it makes a great deal of commercial sense to take this route in terms of costs and speed of delivery. It is important though that we use a first rate system to prepare the bundles – and that’s where Zylpha’s eBundling came in. It meets our needs and is also perceived as the Market Leader. Initial results are very promising so I expect that this will be a very fruitful move.”

For his part, Zylpha’s David Chapman welcomed these comments adding, “In the past, many practices saw professional bundling as the lofty pursuit of only the biggest firms. Now, through Bluebird’s innovative new service, smaller practices can ensure the highest service levels of bundling at extremely cost-effective prices. Faced with soaring demand, Bluebird Support Services has sought a robust bundling solution that can meet even the most complex client needs. Happily, this led straight to Zylpha and we look forward to working closely with them going forwards.”

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