RTA Claims Portal update: Completed

We’re delighted to announce that the RTA Claims Portal Update Project has now been completed.

In just six weeks the Zylpha Visualfiles team have updated the application, tested, packaged and sent the integration to all of our Visualfiles MOJ claims portal clients. A tremendous effort by all of the team.

Below are details of the amendments for this latest release:

Amendments for Release 7:

  • Added OICReferenceNumber to AddClaim() and getClaim()
  • Added new LossType to AddInterimSPFRequest(), AddInterimSPFResponse(),AddStage2SPFRequest(),
  • AddStage2SPFResponse(),AddStage2SPFCounterOfferByCM(),AddStage2SPFCounterOfferByCR(),AddAdditionalDamagesRequest(),AddAdditionalDamagesResponse(), AddCPPFRequest(), AddCPPFResponse(), GetClaim()
  • Added new DisbursmentDisputed to AddCPPFRequest(), AddCPPFResponse(), GetClaim()
  • Added new Totals to GetClaim()
  • New Exit Reason code.
  • Added APPENDIX A for GrossAmountRequested and GrossAmountOffered calculation in case of LossType=16

We have have contacted all clients about upgrading their Visualfiles RTA integration, if you require additional support, please contact the team.

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