Peppermint CX users can now create court compliant bundles with Zylpha’s Pay-As-You-Go document bundling software

Zylpha launches a ‘Pay As You Bundle’ document bundling software format for Peppermint CX & Sharepoint Online users.

New ‘Pay As You Go’ connectors have made legal document bundling faster, more efficient and more affordable for Peppermint CX & Sharepoint Online users. For the first time, law firms and legal teams, that use Peppermint CX as their case management system or Sharepoint Online as their document store, can can now use Zylpha’s affordable ‘Pay As You Go’ document bundling software platform to create even the most complex court compliant bundles in just minutes.

By using Zylpha’s easy-to-use drag and drop tool set and streamlined, single-view dashboard, Peppermint CX users can access records, matters and data to create court compliant electronic bundles professionally and affordably, in a fraction of the time required to prepare them manually. Zylpha believes time savings of up to 80% are typical. Other efficiencies delivered by the system include significantly reduced requirements for stationery and physical storage. In addition, as the system also uses the very latest secure communications & encryption, the need for most traditional post and courier services is often eliminated.

Commenting on the launch, Zylpha’s Head of Marketing David Chapman said;

“For the first time legal teams of all sizes, equipped with Peppermint CX and Sharepoint Online, can now enjoy a consistently high quality bundling excellence on a Pay As You Go basis, meaning they never pay more than the cost of the unique bundle they are using. Our initial research suggests that there will be immensely strong demand for this long anticipated addition to our range.”
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