Secure private encrypted document delivery

Integrated as part of the Zylpha Document Bundling solution.

Secure private encrypted document delivery is developed in partnership with Safedrop Secure Delivery the Zylpha secure delivery solution offers:

  • Totally secure private encrypted document electronic delivery through a private network, rather than email.
  • Includes 2 Tier Access, Encryption in transit, Account and password security and an audit trail.
  • Notification of receipt to the sender.
  • Self destruction (without trace) on delivery.
  • Self destruction of undelivered messages after a timeframe set by the sender.
  • Ability to revoke deliveries.
  • File sizes up to 2GB.

Email has issues; spam, phishing, filters junking emails, the sheer volumes and people missing important emails, attachment sizes and security of attachments. What we tend to forget is that when we send information via email, it is open for the whole world to see.

“Intercepting email is easy to do. Anything that passes across the Internet is bouncing around public connection points where people can listen in. There are tools…that will let you hook in and almost deliver it back to you on a plate” Greg Day, Security Analyst, McAfee

Key benefits

Elimination of risk
Production and distribution of complicated documents and bundles has a high risk profile, not just in the area of potential errors but in confidentiality and incorrect delivery.

Compliance is an essential in today’s environment. The costs of risk and non compliance are not an option to any firm. By automating the secure private encrypted document delivery of documentation it becomes one straight through process and therefore is compliant.

By automating the distribution process confidentiality is almost ensured. By adding optional features such as redaction, encryption and electronic signatures confidentiality is fully protected.

Eliminates DX
By using electronic delivery DX or courier costs can be eliminated. Whether you are a low or high volume user the return on investment is assured.

By delivering accurate confidential high quality documentation ahead of time deadlines the firm’s professional image will be further enhanced.

By removing the need to print and deliver the environmental benefits are obvious, and helps deliver on your company’s social objectives in terms of lowering the volume of waste and the carbon footprint.