Electronic document bundling for law firms

Tried and tested in the legal sector

Key benefits to law firms

  • Cost control

    Building bundles manually and distributing them in paper format is expensive. By utilising Zylpha’s electronic document bundling software you too can benefit from savings of over 70% when compared to manual bundling processes.

  • Reduce errors

    Manual paper bundles can be littered with errors as a result of last minute additions and alterations to the bundle. With Zylpha electronic document bundling, bundles can be updated in seconds significantly reducing the amount of errors within a bundle.

  • Confidentiality

    Bundles produced with Zylpha electronic document bundling can be sent securely through third party services, inherit passwords from existing documents or add passwords at production.

  • Liked by users

    With its easy to use functionality, impressive processing power and time saving abilities means that Zylpha electronic document bundling is well liked by end users across the UK.

Success stories

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What sorts of documents are suitable for electronic bundling?

  • Court Bundles
  • Trial Bundles
  • Expert Witness Evidence
  • Disclosure and Discovery
  • Contract Packs
  • Deal Bibles
  • Leases and Licences
  • Site Agreements
  • Tribunal Bundles
  • Mediation Bundles
  • Employment Contracts
  • Estate Accounts
  • Asset and Liability Schedules
  • Beneficiary Packs
  • Court and Trial Bundles
  • Pre Trial Reviews (PTR)
  • Liaison: Social Services
  • Divorce Agreements
  • Share Purchase Contract Packs
  • Disclosure Bundles
  • Tax Covenants
  • Board Minutes
  • Service Contracts
  • NDA’s
  • Stock Exchange Documentation
  • Compliance Documentation
  • Partner Meeting Minutes
  • Processes and Procedures
  • Employment Contracts

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