Electronic document bundling for Coroners

Easier inquest bundles

Inquests require detailed files supported by numerous documents often collected from a variety of sources and in different formats.

These need to be sorted, collated and delivered to a range of parties or even a Jury at an inquest.

Electronic Document Bundling from Zylpha provides an easy to use system that can increase the efficiency of creating inquest bundles, whilst ensuring confidentiality, reducing errors and producing accurate bundles.

As and when files are received they can be added to an electronic bundle whether they are Word Documents, Images, Scanned documents, Visio files, PDF’s or even video footage.

Build inquest bundles in minutes

  • Easy to use

    Building inquest bundles has never been easier with Zylpha’s electronic document bundling software. Build pages, create sections and add documents from your systems in a matter of minutes. The software handles the indexing and pagination of the bundle, freeing you up to work on something else.

  • Multiple file types

    Zylpha’s bundling software handles all common file types including word documents, PDF, image and video files. Forget adding files to DVD or memory stick as they can be added to the bundle and displayed in any PDF viewer.

  • Financial savings

    Paper bundles are expensive to produce and distribute. Typically our clients save over 70% compared to manual paper bundles.

  • Built for volume

    Zylpha electronic document bundling is built for size. We have seen bundles being produced in excess of 11,000 pages. Other solutions cannot handle this level of volume.

Coroner’s bundling software: how it works

1. Coverpage & Sections

2. Add files

3. Generate bundle

Build your inquest bundle cover page with our inbuilt designer or use your own template. Create sections for the different parts of your inquest bundle.

Add your files to the bundle from any location with our system connectors. Add images, video, audio, MS office files and PDF’s to your inquest bundle.

Generate the bundle. The software will automatically index and paginate the bundle and include bookmarks for navigation.

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