Electronic Document Bundling Case Study

London Borough of Hounslow

Typical multi volume childcare bundles were taking up to 2 working days to collate and amend.

Although Hounslow were using a leading Case Management Systems the case workers found themselves manually duplicating documents to include them in the 6-10 court bundles produced in a typical month.

A solution was urgently required which enabled documents and data from the Case Management System to be used to create a Court Bundle without any duplication of work and by any of the 22 lawyers and case workers in the department.

The Solution

After examining a number of competitive products Zylpha’s Document and Court Bundle solution was selected as the only product to offer an integrated and purpose built bundling solution that integrates with their existing Visualfiles Case Management System.

Documents held either in the Case Management System or on the network can be included in the bundle at the click of a button.

Bundles for childcare, housing and general litigation can now be produced quickly and accurately as a single paginated and indexed pdf document.

Once the training was delivered, the system quickly started to save significant amounts of time.

What are the benefits to Hounslow?

• Reducing bundle preparation time by up to 75%
• Fast return on investment
• Reduced Stress Levels at the most crucial stage of the legal process
• Flexibility in being adaptable for all
document management

Gordon Donabie, Legal Department, London Borough of Hounslow:

“We are very pleased with the service we received from Zylpha and the Court Bundling product. Our ongoing savings in both time and cost are substantial. Typical multi volume bundles that used to take up to 2 working days can now be completed in around 3 hours. We are now planning to extend our use to include the production of Council Committee Reports.”