Bundling 4.8 now available


We’re excited to announce that v4.8 of our standalone document bundling software is now available.

This latest version includes the following features:

  • New integration for Seneca case management
  • New integration for Mattersphere case management
  • Updated integration for Microsoft Sharepoint
  • New utlity tool – the multi-split tool
  • Document grid drag and drop functionality updated
  • Cancel button on bundle generate

Here at Zylpha we are really excited to announce the latest version of our electronic document bundling software – Version 4.8

This latest version has a whole bunch of new enhancements including a new document connector for Seneca. We’ve worked closely with the team at Seneca to make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible and that adding documents and building bundles is as easy as possible.

In addition we’ve also built an integration into MatterSphere and like all of our other connectors this is also now being used by UK law firms.

New Document Bundling Utilities:

Our standalone electronic document bundling software contains a range of separate utilities such as converting documents to PDF, sending documents securely and also merging two documents into one PDF. Version 4.8 introduces a new uttility which is imaginatively called the the Multi-Split tool.

Multi-split makes it super easy to take an original bundle and split it up by sections or into page batches and then ingest them into your Zylpha bundle.

We’ve also introduced some small enhancements to our Sharepoint Connector too, mainly around exporting to Excel, site collection details and site titles.

Last year we introduced remote conversion for some of our clients, and 4.8 brings with it an update on image file types.

This just means that we can now handle more image file types when using remote conversion servers.

We also had feedback from clients that there was something not quite right with moving documents within the document grid. We are pleased to report that this has now been fixed making it easier than ever to drag and drop files to a new position.

Finally, sometimes you get a bit excited and generate the bundle too quickly. Rather than waiting for the bundle to be produced and then deleting it you can can use our cancel button which will stop documents being retrieved and stop the process of the bundle being generated.


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