Guide: 10 ways to get the best out of eSignatures

Here at Zylpha we are big fans of electronic signatures (eSignatures) and it’s not hard to see why as they make the whole process of getting signed documents so much faster and easier for the client.

Today, eSignatures have evolved so much than just collecting signatures as they can be used to form part of larger workflows that automate the entire document completion process, from document creation, collaboration and execution.

These solutions replace the traditional, manual steps of getting signatures and approvals with the advantages of delivering speed, efficiency, compliance and instant access. Many law firms are embracing eSignatures as a way to create competitive advantage and complete transactions faster.

About this eSignatures guide

We wrote this guide as a way to highlight 10 things that you can do within Adobe Sign (just one of many eSignature platforms that is available), many of which are easy to set up and benefit from.

We also wanted to include information specific to LexisNexis Visualfiles which can be found at the back of this document.

About Adobe Sign

Adobe Sign is the world’s top e-sign solution. No matter the size of your organisation, you can use it to prepare, send, track, and manage contracts, forms, agreements, and more. Anyone can sign and return, from any device. And you can have it up and running in minutes — as a standalone web app or inside the tools you already use.

You can find out more information on our Adobe Sign integrations by clicking here.